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St. Peter Lutheran Blog

2017 Summer Students

You may have heard the term "Summer Students"  or "Summer Interns" thrown around a lot lately. Well, that's because these college students do quite a bit of ministry work here at St. Peter in the summer. 

Each summer, St. Peter acquires two students from our pastor/teacher training school, Martin Luther College (MLC). One male and one female have the opportinity to spend 12 weeks in beautiful Colorado as interns at church, fetching coffee for Pastor, making copies for the secretary, and babysitting the staff minister. Just kidding. It's so much more than that! The interns have the opportunity to get thrown into real ministry life; a taste of what it could be like when they are called workers. For instance, the pastor-track student assists with worship: preaching the liturgy on Sundays, planning worship, and eventually preaching their own sermon. The teacher-track student gets, well, teacher experince through events like Kids' Nights, VBS, Jesus Cares, and Sunday School. They work together and play a part in virtually every event here at St. Peter during the summer: everything from Bibe Information Classes (BIC) to attending Rocky Mountain Christian Camp in Leadville. 

2017 is the year of Stanley and Alyssa. Here's a little bit more about them and their favorite things!

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Jesus Cares Ministry

While we’re here at St. Peter for the summer, we have the blessing of working with many different programs in the church: Kid’s Night, Liturgy and Sunday School, and the whole VBS program. But there’s one thing we do which people might not be quite so aware of: Jesus Cares Ministry. I feel blessed to be a part of this effort.

Jesus Cares is the name for our church’s efforts to preach the Gospel to people with intellectual disabilities. Every time we meet, I am amazed by how much the people who come know. One woman is completely blind, and yet she knows every song that we sing by heart. One man has only one arm, but he can draw and color better than I can. Another man can only say a few words, and yet he always lets us know how happy he is when he hears God’s Word. They are some of the warmest, happiest people I’ve ever met.

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Kids' Night: Olympics!

Kid’s Night is up and running for the summer! This event invites children from preschool through fourth grade to come and enjoy games, snacks, crafts, and devotions from 6-7 PM every Wednesday. Last Wednesday was the kick-off for this exciting event. Eleven children came to St. Peter and participated in the Kid’s Night Olympics!

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2017 Little Lambs Preschool Graduation

It’s summer and that means Little Lambs Preschool has finished another school year!  On May 26 50 students graduated from our Pre-K program.  They put on a show singing songs of what they learned and walked the stage to get their diplomas!  The main focus of the program and of the preschool is that Jesus is our Lord and Savior!  Every day was filled with learning about God’s great love for us.

This year we said goodbye to one of our Pre-K teachers, Danielle Smith. We are sad to see her go and will miss her deeply. 

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Dinner Club - It's More Than Just Dinner!

If you've been to St. Peter lately, the words "Dinner Club" have probably popped up in a variety of ways. You might have heard about it in sermons, verbal announcements, bulletins, signs, and even a video! If you haven't been to our church lately - or even at all, let's just say "it's kind of a big deal." Here's a short video to get you introduced:

So how does it work?

Dinner Club is a fellowship program where groups of 6-8 (+ kids) are formed, with the intention of getting together for dinner four times over five months. To help facilitate that, we'll be hosting two of those dinners here at church! We'll have a "kick-off" dinner on May 20, reveal our groups, and help encourage them to look at their schedules and plan when they'd like to get together over the summer. In mid-September, we'll hold a "wrap-up" dinner back at church and discuss how we can facilitate this better next time! In between, groups can meet at the home of a willing host, go to a restaurant, grill out at a park, or even grab something simple like coffee or ice cream. The whole point is just to get together, and discover the stories of the people we might otherwise only say "hi" to! 

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Scavenger Hunt Recap!


What a beautiful weekend we just had! Not only did we get to celebrate Palm Sunday yesterday, but we held our first Old Town Scavenger Hunt! 6 Teams raced, solved, plotted, and "selfied" all around Old Town in hopes of winning the coveted grand prize of an Old Town Gift Card. Team Spud-McKenney won overall with Team Latzke Laughing Ladies + Craig winning the family division (the kids had their own scavenger hunt list to check off!)!! 

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Ask the Pastor: What did Jesus mean when he said....

Do you have any questions about God, faith, spirituality, our church teachings, etc? Feel free to send them to Pastor Spaude at St Peter members, you can post your questions in our Member Forum as well!

Q: In Matthew 11:30 Jesus says that "my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  What does he mean? Weren't many of the apostles executed in horrible ways?

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Ministry Spotlight: TLC

What is TLC?

TLC stands for The Little Children, as in Matthew 19:14. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” The goal is to connect parents of young children for support and encouragement through playdates and get-togethers. 

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Old Town Scavenger Hunt - April 8!

You're invited to join us on a Scavenger Hunt through Old Town!

Get ready for a morning of adventure as we explore fun and quirky parts of Old Town that you never knew existed! This event is designed to be fun for all ages, with challenges and clues for both kids and adults! Prizes will be given to the teams with the most points, so you'll want to try find/accomplish as many bonuses as you can while you're solving your clues!

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Ask the Pastor: Ash Wednesday and Lent

This is the first of our “Ask the Pastor” posts. Do you have any questions about God, faith, spirituality, our church teachings, etc? Feel free to send them to Pastor Spaude at St Peter members, you can post your questions in our Member Forum as well!

Q: What is the significance of Ash Wednesday and Lent?

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