If you've been to St. Peter lately, the words "Dinner Club" have probably popped up in a variety of ways. You might have heard about it in sermons, verbal announcements, bulletins, signs, and even a video! If you haven't been to our church lately - or even at all, let's just say "it's kind of a big deal." Here's a short video to get you introduced:

So how does it work?

Dinner Club is a fellowship program where groups of 6-8 (+ kids) are formed, with the intention of getting together for dinner four times over five months. To help facilitate that, we'll be hosting two of those dinners here at church! We'll have a "kick-off" dinner on May 20, reveal our groups, and help encourage them to look at their schedules and plan when they'd like to get together over the summer. In mid-September, we'll hold a "wrap-up" dinner back at church and discuss how we can facilitate this better next time! In between, groups can meet at the home of a willing host, go to a restaurant, grill out at a park, or even grab something simple like coffee or ice cream. The whole point is just to get together, and discover the stories of the people we might otherwise only say "hi" to! 

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