What is a worship service like?

Every Christian church has its own style of worshiping Jesus.  We think you’ll enjoy the reverent worship at St. Peter! We make our worship as easy-to-follow as possible. Our service folder will guide you with an outline of the service, hymnal page references, and Scripture readings. Our worship is liturgical, which means we have a set order of worship every week.  We focus on God’s Word and Sacrament because only through those does God freely offer us the forgiveness of sins and eternal life.  In our worship we use traditional forms along with modern language and applications.  The traditional features of our worship bring us the best from God’s Church throughout the ages, while the contemporary features remind us that God’s promises of forgiveness, guidance, and peace still apply to our daily lives.  We pray that through our worship your faith will be strengthened in those promises! Music is also an important part of our worship as it reminds us of the many wonderful things our Savior has done for us and for our salvation! Through our music we express our thanks to God for his wonderful salvation.


What about Communion?

One of the most frequently asked questions people have about worship at St. Peter is our practice of closed or close Communion.  First of all, a disclaimer: we do not practice closed Communion to be exclusionary or judgmental.  Nor is it out of a “holier than thou” attitude.  We want all people to join us for this heavenly banquet.  So please don’t think that we want to exclude you.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  That being said, the Scriptures do have some very definite things to say about who is to be invited to the Lord’s table.  That’s why we ask that you talk to Pastor Spaude before joining us in communion.  We want to have a chance to explain what the Bible has to say about the practice more fully.


What do I wear?

Like most people, our members try to make their worship time at church a special time.  This is often reflected in the way they dress.  However, on any given Sunday you may see running shoes and high heels, jeans and suits, open collars and ties.  When a person dresses out of love for God, the choice of dress (casual or more formal) is acceptable to God…and us.


What do I do with my children?

We love to have children and families worship together! Our congregation is like a family, which has infants, children, teens, adults and elderly.  It is not unusual to hear the cry of a baby mixed in with the sounds of hymns or readings.  The back pews are reserved for families with small children—though you’re welcome up front too.  Sometimes, however, it gets a bit hard for little ones to sit through a service.  That’s why you’ll find a cry room in the area to the left side of where you enter the sanctuary.  It’s a good place for children to regain their composure and then rejoin us for worship. You can find “Busy Bags” in the narthex under the large picture board filled with coloring supplies and books. During one of the readings in worship, Pastor will invite all the children up to the front for a Special Children’s message. Children are special to God and to this congregation, so we want this time to be special also!  


We look forward to you joining us for worship! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at church@stpeterwels.com or 970-226-3481.