VBS is easily the highlight of the summer for us. While everything that we do is a great
opportunity to learn and grow, VBS is our chance to implement a little bit of what we’ve learned.
It also happens to be an absolute blast, having fun with kids and fellow helpers all week!
This year’s theme for VBS was “Build on the Rock”, and as many of you probably saw,
we turned the whole church into a construction themed zone. There was a wheelbarrow out front,
caution signs on every wall, and even a few dump trucks trundling about. The kids loved it,
especially the caution tape they had to walk through as they entered church.

The day usually began with a short devotion and a skit, acting out the Bible Story for the
children in an easily understood format. Then we would break up into our groups, and each
teacher would teach the lesson again to their kids. This was a great way to reinforce the central
message of the day. After that the groups broke out into different areas, learning music, making
crafts, and getting a chance to eat snack and play outside. Finally, we’d gather back together to
hear one more message from pastor, before going home for the day.

We had a bunch of unique projects for crafts, which the children loved. The younger kids
all got to paint stained-glass window-hangers, and some of them got very particular about how it
looked, even going so far as to wipe the whole thing off and start again. The older kids got to
make rock pens, wrapping up a pen in clay and baking it, then painting the finished project.
Some of them were very creative, molding flowers on the ends or making crosses all along the
pen’s case.

Music was also a ton of fun. We are blessed with some very accomplished musicians in
our congregations, who are very gifted at teaching children. By the end of the week, we had our
own mini choir, ready to sing seven or eight different songs for their parents.
And sing they did! The week ended with a small service, where Pastor went over what
the children learned each day, and then the children sang a song about that day’s lesson.
Afterwards we served a delicious barbecue meal, complete with ice cream for dessert. We got an
overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the parents, and many were already waiting for
next year’s VBS. What a blessing God has given us, to be able to reach these children and their
families with God’s Word every summer!